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Yeah, Me. /Again/. What'cha gonna do about it?



Kazamatsuri Kou glanced at his was discreetly and heaved a mental sigh of relief. Turning to his customer he smiled an apology.


“Ahh…I’m terribly sorry Higurashi-san, but I’m afraid my brother has taken ill and I need to go tend to him,” seeing the dissatisfied look the woman was sending him he continued. “If you’d like, we can continue this meeting this coming week, perhaps…?”


The woman narrowed her eyes suspiciously at him before speaking through pursed lips.


“That would be lovely, Kazamatsuri-san, I look forward to it.”


“Likewise,” he glanced at his watch exaggeratedly, hoping she would take the hint. “I hope you have a safe journey home.”


“Thank-you, I’m sure I will,” she replied shortly. “I won’t detain you from your ah, ‘brotherly duties’ any longer.”


He rose from the table they were seated at and escorted her outside with a smile plastered on his face. “I’ll see you soon, Higurashi-san.”


She nodded at him as her driver opened her car door for her. Once she had left he dashed inside and grabbed his things. His employer looked up from where she was serving drinks. She blinked as he rushed past.


“Ah, Kazamatsuri-san…?”


He waved at her from over his shoulder. “Miyagi-kun, my shift is over -- I’ll see you in a few days!” he called to her. “Oh! And have a good weekend!”


“A-ah,” she replied, surprised at Kou’s haste to leave. She recalled, after a moment, the he had told her earlier that Shou had caught the flu and smiled. Shou-kun was lucky to have such a caring brother.


Kou heard her voice ring out before the door closed behind him. “Have a nice weekend! And send my regards to Shou-kun!”


He made a mental note to pass the message on to his brother and slid into his car. Turning the keys in the ignition he looked at the glowing red numbers of the clock. It was quarter to eleven. It would take him about twenty minutes to arrive at the Shiina household if the traffic wasn’t too bad, which he doubted.


Friday night traffic was always horrible downtown.


Sighing, he hoped that Shou would be fine for an extra half an hour or so and turned a corner.




When he woke up his vision was clouded by red and his nose was bombarded with something that smelt faintly of vanilla. Blinking, he realized that his face was veiled by a curtain of hair. Turning his head, he bit back a yelp of surprise at the close proximity of his friend’s peaceful face.


Sighing, he shifted slightly in an attempt to get comfortable again without waking up Tsubasa-san. His eyes were just drooping shut again when his stomach gave a sudden lurch, as though someone had dropped something heavy onto it, and he made a mad dash to the bathroom, praying he wouldn’t empty the contents of his stomach onto the floor.


It was as he was resting his forehead against the cool porcelain of the toilet seat that he heard the faint chime of the doorbell. He groaned at his predicament.


His stomach felt like it was laced with fire, and sharp pains shot throughout his abdomen whenever he moved, so he doubted he would be able to answer it and Tsubasa-san was still asleep so he couldn’t answer it and…






The sight of his brother standing in front of him was a welcome one. Shou was feeling decidedly horrible and his brother always knew what to do to make him feel better, whether it was by rubbing his back or telling him a story or making him angry enough to forget why he was upset in the first place.


Now, however, his brother seemed at a loss at what to do.


“I thought Shiina was supposed to be looking after you?” Kou asked; barely contained fury in his voice, though it was more of a statement than a question.


Shou quickly explained, “He’s sick too.”


His brother’s face immediately switched from anger to worry. “Where is he?”


“He’s in his room – sleeping, I think…”


Shou had closed his eyes in exhaustion sometime during their conversation and was surprised when he felt Kou slid his arms underneath him and lift him gently off of the floor. He leaned his head against his brother’s chest, listening to his heart beat.


“You should be too,” he said. “Did you eat anything?”


Shou shook his head on Kou’s chest, “My stomach was upset. Tsubasa-san gave me some medicine for it, but I fell asleep before I could eat anything…”


Kou nodded and carefully maneuvered them through the doorway of Tsubasa-san’s room, sighing as he took in the sight before him. Shou looked towards the bed where his friend was sleeping and cringed.


Tsubasa-san was lying on his bed; hair splayed about his head messily, face flushed a deep, feverish red. His breathing was slightly laboured, and the striker’s worry for his friend increased tenfold. Shifting his gaze to his brother’s face he sent him a pleading look.




His brother interrupted him. “Where are his parents?”


Shou was unaccustomed to hearing the tone of voice Kou had used. and therefore could not place it. He tried to recall where Tsubasa-san told him his parents were this time, but he couldn’t remember since his friend only ever mentioned his parents’ business trips in passing.


“Away on business,” was the only answer he could come up with. Kou accepted that with a sigh and placed Shou next to Tsubasa-san on the bed; carefully arranging the blankets so that they were both covered.


“Where’s the medicine?” his brother asked, brown eyes scanning the room. Shou nodded towards the desk behind him and Kou quickly located some pills to quell nausea as well as some fever-reducing medicine.


Shou watched him leave the room in search of some water. He glanced back to his friend, feeling decidedly exhausted -- almost as though he had just finished going all out in a football match, or two -- and knew that they were in for a few undoubtedly tiring days.




After a harrowing three days of being sick, and eating an unprecedented amount of soup, Shou was finally ready to get back to school and, more importantly, back to football practice. He still felt slightly run-down from the unexpected illness, and he knew that Tsubasa-san was feeling the same way, if the way they both dragged their feet on their way out of the Shiina household to Kou’s car was any indication.


The drive was tiring -- if only because the two of them struggled to keep their eyes from drifting closed for much of the journey. Even Kou was looking entirely bedraggled, and Shou hoped that his brother didn’t get sick as well just because he had looked after both him and Tsubasa-san. He decided that he would make his brother a breakfast of pancakes the coming weekend in thanks.


The gates of Sakura Josui High School loomed in front of him menacingly and Shou took a moment to sigh in resignation of the inevitable before walking the well-tread path to the school’s entrance. As much as he disliked sitting through his classes -- especially with the football field in clear view through the windows --, he knew it was a necessary evil. Besides, if he didn’t go to class he couldn’t go to practice, and that was something he sincerely hoped would never happen.


“Oi, Kaza!”


Shou turned his head and smiled broadly at the exuberant blond.


“Shige-san!” he cried happily, though his voice still sounded slightly hoarse. Shige pounded on his back companionably.


“We missed you around here yesterday, Pup! Practice wasn’t nearly as amusing without you there, was it, Tatsu-bon?” He glanced over his shoulder at the brunet and Mizuno-kun shot Shige a glare before redirecting his attention to Shou.


“How are you feeling?” he asked, brown eyes filled with concern.


“I’m feeling much better now, thank you,” Shou replied with a smile, the index finger of one hand scratching his cheek in embarrassment. “I didn’t miss too much in practice, did I?”


He received an exasperated sigh from Tatsuya and an amused grin from Shige.


“Nope, you didn’t miss much of anything, Puppy,” answered the striker at the same time Tatsuya tried to give him the details of the drills they had preformed over the last few practices. Shige stuck his tongue out at Tatsuya, who sent him another glare.


Shou beamed at two -- perfectly happy to be back where he was surrounded by friends that cared so much about him.


“Oh,” exclaimed the captain after a moment of awkward silence, “How is Shiina-san feeling? He didn’t look all that well when we left…”


A thoughtful frown was etched out on Shou’s face as he responded, “He seemed to be feeling well this morning…he never told me he wasn’t, and he acted normally enough.”


“Oh? So you saw him this morning, did you Kaza? You dog! What did you do? Spend the whole weekend there?”


“Yes!” beamed Shou, completely missing any underlying insinuation; Shige sweat-dropped, though his face remained in a perpetual grin. “Kou-nii came to take me home, but Tsubasa-san was really sick too and he decided that he would have to look after him as well, and it was just easier to stay at Tsubasa-san’s house.”


“Well,” Tatsuya said finally, “That’s good to hear. Don’t overwork yourself today, okay? We want you in good condition for practice this afternoon.”


Shou nodded vigorously, “Mm-hmm!”


There you have it! More planned to be written tomorrow. I also have written a future chapter meant to be a one-shot but then altered enough so it can be used in this story X3;

Future Plans: 
-Three-Legged Mid-Game Event. [Pro-Match]
-Martial-Artist Shou?!
-Shiina on a MOTOCYCLE?!
- *laughs* Oh, my God. You /didn't/, Tsu-chan!
- Dear Lord, he /did/.


J/k, j/k


Or am I...?

Much love to you guys!


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