rzncu (rzncu) wrote in whistle_boiluv,

Selling whistle! doujinshi

These are three whistle! doujinshi anthologies that includes different pairings, but i liked the ones with shige/mizuno the most XD

A5/A4 sized, each about 200 pages or so, it's all comics

This set would be $40

only the bottom one is whistle! doujinshi it's not really pairing oriented, but more like all characters
it's b5 sized
this one is $8

i'm also selling the fanbook here http://community.livejournal.com/whistlefans/29100.html

- i may accept offers
- i accept paypal
- shipping is not free or included in the price listed, i will check for the exact shipping fees (with all the different options so you can choose) at the post office only after item cost is paid first
- shipping is from canada, you may contact me to see if we could do meet-up instead of having to ship this if you also live in canada (currently i am in vancouver)
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