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Hello... Y'all can call me Pink. =o_o= *wave*

I'm not entirely sure if this kind of post is allowed here. =o_o= My deepest apologies if it isn't...

But anyway, I'm a big fan of one-on-one roleplay. XD I usually do original, but sometimes, especially when a fandom lacks fan contributions, I hunger for that certain fandom.

This is one of those cases! This community has been rather dead, and I can never seem to find know...STUFF for the Whistle! fandom. It's quite annoying.

So...would anyone like to do some one-on-one roleplay with me? I'll TRY to play any character, just pitch some pairings to me, and we can fight over who plays whom. Obviously, considering the nature of this group, I'd prefer m/m couples, but I'll also do m/f (There are a few couples I like) and f/f if that is your cup of tea.

And...some other things to note: I'm not one of those tight-ass novel-writing types that demands that you use flawless English and flowery language and make posts that are like 5 pages long. =>.<= One thing I do ask, though, is that we do first-person paragraph form. I'm not really comfortable with anything else. But yeah... I'll do any sort of rating and whatnot. Whatever we feel like. We can talk about it. XD

Anyway, if anyone's interested, hit me up in one of the following ways:
AOL: SSaturn655
AIM: PinkXisntXwell
YIM: Jiyunanohana
Or just comment here, and we can work something out. XD
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